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Right, spring cleaning means Sudden cleaning that was so


That day, I overslept. And as a 'reward' of that, I got lesser job to do~ Hehehe...

After done cleaning. I took some pictures of remembrance.
I do not dare to take them during cleaning as the fact that I'm late to job already. Haha..

Those who're in charge of Library remained in library enjoying photo albums.
The kids were playing board game already.
Eh? Why this part still not done? Oh... Kepoh on albums.

Here was the interesting part that I wanted to stressed on


Have you ever seen people, I mean in Malaysia wearing long sleeve to do cleaning?
Well why ar?
To protect their skin ar?
Hehe...I don't know lar...
Everyone here was wearing as little pieces as possible but he was so so so special le...

If you know this guy please don't tell him that I posted about him here.

Please Please
We'll meet every week and I don't want anything to happen.

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Serene said...

Our skin is an important organ mar~Lol

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