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I realised that many people love to have polls in their website. Well, there is a service( that helps to create surveys for your site. Sign up is free.

But please bare in mind that, this service DOES NOT provides any earning profit although it was written there that you can earn by taking surveys.
In fact, it'll leads you to those get paid surveys through Googles Ads.
These are the links to those paid surveys(are repeating in its Ads):
[You can try them but for your information, you'll need to buy their membership. The only one free is]

In SurveyPro,
You can choose to create a free account(Just for creating surveys and getting reports) or a paid account.

Paid accounts(Basic & Premium) are available with the following features:

- UNLIMITED Questions
- UNLIMITED Responses
- Professional reports
- Mailing list management
- Ad-free surveys
- Priority email support
- Data export
- Print reports to pdf
- Email notifications

BASIC ACCOUNT($100/year)
- 1000 email invitations

- 2000 email invitations
- Survey library
- Customizable look & feel
- No esurveyspro logo

Happy creating your own surveys


David S said...

To be honest there are better choices. I tried askitonline, monkeysurvey and then which I thought was the best. I am not sure that polldaddy's business model of asking money for advanced surveys is going to work so well in the long run.

j said...

any chance you could post a comparison of this kind of sites where you can make your own survey? I tried askitonline and then which I thought was better. please compare site that doesnt cost money only.

Serene said...

As stated, the site that doesn't cost money is the^^

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