Witness the Past

Nowadays, students do not like schooling. To them, school is a place full of stresses and pressure. But this was not applicable to this lucky student over here. He loved school very much. He was the always earliest one arriving school even before any teacher does. He has been practicing this for a few years any he had never missed until that day,


As usual, he walked to school alone before the sun started to rise. It was a perfect timing for enjoying the dawn, the breeze, and the fresh air. Upon entering the school which the gate was not locked all the time, He greeted a 'Good morning' to the school with a joyous heart. It was a long pathway until he could reach to his classroom. Across the canteen, nothing. The hall, empty. Followed, he walked onto the dark silent stairs and still nothing strange had seems to happened. Along the long corridor, he continued by observing every classroom he passes. Every room was clean and well furnished with equipments needed.

'Everyone did their job quiet well' he spoke in his heart...

Well, visitation done. It's time for him to enter his own classroom now. One step into the class...

Injured soldiers were everywhere, nurses were busying healing while the others were guarding the post! Everything was in chaos!!

He ran...


This was the day of this luckiest student who witness the past.
Don't laugh...
This is a true story.
In fact, that school was used to be an army camp during World War 2.


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