Burung Hantu (Owl)

Burung hantu is one of the famous games for scout and Girl Guide during school outdoor camping. It has been a tradition and a must for many years. However, ever since this incident happens, this game has been forbidden and forgotten.

Game play
This game is simple and it involves no action. However, it must be conducted at night-time. During the game, a player will be placed in middle of the jungle alone empty handed for a period of time until the leader comes to get them back to the camp site.

The story begins

Unlike usual night, the moonlight was dim and the clouds were extremely dark. Camp leader was worrying as it was going to rain. If the rain shall be poured from the sky, Burung Hantu would not be operating then. This would definitely disappoint everyone.

After a short meeting with committee members, camp leader decided not to have this game operated tonight for everyone safety. However, the crowd protested. They wanted the game even if it started to rain. If camp leader insisted not to play, they wanted conducted the game themselves. They have their own umbrellas prepared when they came to the site anyway.

Under this condition, camp leader has no choice but to approve this game to run. With umbrellas and torches on hands, they began. They totally ignored the sign from the sky above. One by one, they had been lead to the jungle by committee members while camp leader was at the site taking care of the noisy crowd. They had been advised not to move around in the jungle.

One of the locations selected where they were going to place a player was under a huge tree. It was due to easy recognition by the game conductors. However...

Half an hour later when it was time for committee members to recruit those who has been sent, an unwanted incident happened. One of the committee members witnessed this. Under the same huge tree where a player was placed, there was another same face figure at the other side of the tree. Left and right. He was shocked and he knew it was that thing. A fast recall entered to his mind that the one he placed was on the left. Without much hesitation, he ran towards the player, grabbed hold of her arm with strong force and ran straight back to the camp site.

Immediately after he reached the camp site, he asked the camp leader to stop the game cold sweating and to recruit the rest of the players in no time. Meanwhile, everyone was ordered to sleep. He told camp leader and the morning after that, everyone was sent back to school.


I have no idea on how that committee member went through the whole night. But what I'm certain is, he is the one who has been tested for his bravery. If he were to grab that figure instead, what would happen?

Don't ignore the sign given by the heaven.

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