I Won a Camera!!!

Recently I've been very free and the same time very busy.

What means?
The final exam's approaching but I'm not doing any study...(He he)
'free in hand, busy in mind'

So what I did?

I simply surfed into the net and accidentally saw a contest then accidentally participated it.
By that I been told by mail for I've won a camera few days later.

I'm quiet happy in the beginning,
but at the same time worrying that it was just a bluff.

So what I did?

I made an appointment with them to redeem the prize.
If the company cheated me just to go there to buy their stuffs,
then I would just scram right away.
(This was my plan)


That day I went to their office to show myself.
I waited at the main hall meanwhile observing the office.
It was an old and not attracting office. (Partly disappointed)

One middle aged lady asked me to wait.
After a few minutes,
the lady came back with a small yellow plastic bag and a piece of paper in her hand.

She congratulated me and handed me that paper.
Oh! She needed a signature to prove that I've received the prize.

I read through the contract and signed.
Thus I received the bag.
The sumsung camera was inside.

Oh? How lucky.
Of course that's not the end yet.

She congratulated me again and now she's promoting the services of that company.
It was a photo studio company, provide services developing photos online.

Not bad~
Hahaha...Now I'm really happy.


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